One of the our generation’s necessities is learning a foreign language. Because we live in a global world which is changing and developing every day. And if we want to keep up with the new world’s system, we have to learn foreign languages to be aware of everything happening in the world. But we live in a country (Turkey) where we don’t have a chance to use a foreign language. We learn English as a foreign language (EFL) in Turkey. So, this makes learning harder because we are unable to practice the language we learn. But can it be an excuse? I think we can’t hide behind this fact. We know that to learn a foreign language, we need more than just learning grammar or just reading, listening. Of course we can carry ourselves further thanks to grammar, reading etc.  But we need exposure to improve ourselves in all skills and to better understand the language. Actually, we have what we need. With the help of the series and movies in target language, we can expose to that language. If we can watch movies or series regularly we will see that we improve ourselves in language day by day. We will also review what we learned in the lesson also we will see how it is used in daily life. So day by day we are going to start using new vocabularies, structures, idioms everything we watched in a movie or series.